About Cow Eye Community College

Located in the bucolic town of Cow Eye Junction in the heart of the Diahwa Valley basin, Cow Eye Community College is a regionally accredited institution of higher learning that strives to offer a well-rounded liberal arts and technical education to its students so that they may lead fulfilling and productive lives. As stewards of the local community, we also believe that we have a special obligation to perpetuate the unique culture of the area we serve both for present and future generations.

Students at Cow Eye CC are given tools to succeed in an ever-changing world through rich and diverse curricular experiences delivered by award-winning instructors and with a wide array of resources to support their learning. Graduates of Cow Eye have gone on to acheive renown both locally and abroad in fields such as business, nursing, carpentry, journalism, architecture, linguistics, early childhood education, and animal husbandry.

"The mission of Cow Eye Community College is to provide a nurturing and time-tested education grounded in American values and the proliferation of the American Way so that our students may become mindful, God-fearing, tax-paying citizens of the United States of America."

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