Faculty and Staff of Cow Eye Community College

Cow Eye's award-winning faculty come to Cow Eye Junction from all corners of the world, and even as far away as northern California. Many are leaders in their respective fields and are thus able to bring perspectives into the classroom that have been acquired at the nexus where real-world experience meets the timeless perusal of highly specialized academic journals.

Such caring and devoted instructors do not simply imbue students with knowledge; they inspire and nurture a love for learning itself. Says Mr. Clement Hutchinson, recently tenured creative writing instructor and chair of the New Student Orientation committee, "I want my students to leave my class impregnated with the seed of knowledge. I want them aroused to civic action by the rigors and rewards of accredited learning. If I can achieve that, then I have fulfilled my unique destiny as tenured community college educator."

This commitment to student success is what distinguishes our faculty from those with less impressive curricula vitae. Miss Agatha Sarline, instructor of mathematics and advisor to the Math Club, adds, "The illogic of our world is enormous. It is as limitless as the most irrational of irrational numbers. We cannot change these eternal truths of the universe. However, we can help our students understand their implications - at least inasmuch as they pertain to intermediate algebra."

"…Blessed are the barren...."
- Luke 23:29

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