Student Life at Cow Eye

In addition to their academic pursuits, students at Cow Eye CC immerse themselves in a rich extra-curricular mileu inspired by the unique culture of our area as well as the passing immediacies of the broader world. From the Indoor Archery and Gun Range to the award-winning Dimwiddle Aquatics Center boasting an olympic-sized pool in the exact shape of an American flag, students enjoy an array of life-affirming activities to stimulate the mind and enlighten the body.

Annual events on campus include the "Pi-throwing" festival sponsored by our Math department every March 14 and the Faculty/Student/Administrator Dance-A-Thon organized by the student government to benefit war refugees in third-world countries. Clubs on campus include the Home Economics Club, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, the Debate and Rifle Teams, and Future Educational Administrators of America. When not engrossed in their studies, students can also enjoy a scenic bicycle ride along the central esplanade, relaxe at the Dimwiddle Student Union with its 22-inch color television set, or simply lounge under the old sycamore on the campus' main lawn.

"More than any force of nature, it is love - of self, of family, of god and country, of great ideas - that has been the consistent catalyst in the making of the world as it is. Without love there would be no religion. No art. No philosophy. Without love we would not have saints or martyrs or prophets. And of course, without love, we would not have community colleges."

- From Love and the Community College, p. 47

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